About us

The Heartlight SA Trust was established in August 2002 by Dr William Spady, Letter of Authority number: IT 677/2002. Heartlight SA was founded to provide training and education to persons seeking to improve their employability, job perfomance, life perfomance and leadership skills, and to those who train and develop such persons. The registered objective of the Heartlight Trust is to:

  1. Provide access to institutional learning systems that directly develop in persons and organisations the knowledge, skills and motivations needed for:
    a)productive employment and living,
    b) self-sustainable entrepreneurial activity, lifelong learning, and continuous personal development, and
    c) tangible community upliftment;
  2. Develop in individuals and organisations the leadership skills and motivations necessary for initiating and sustaining similar kinds of personal, organisational, and community endeavours;
  3. Form linkages with community based endeavours and related tertiary education and business initiatives directed at the same personal, organizational, and community empowerment ends.

The following services are currently hosted by Heartlight Port Elizabeth:

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